For a long time I was a practicing advocate of willful ignorance, I refused to watch the news or have any idea about what was going on around me. No listening to war reports or even what the latest news on the Ebola virus was. Mainstream media (all owned by one of how many companies is it now) is nearly all fear based and does nothing but help to control the masses with whatever propaganda they are getting the most $$ to support.

What I didn’t realize at the time was how PRO independent media I really was. From 1996, yes, I was ‘online’ even back then, I was researching what I thought to be the truth. By 1999 I had eliminated anything in my cabinets that contained High Fructose Corn Syrup, the first step in a long journey to live a healthy life. My journey is to not just believe what I hear but to actually do some research and draw my own conclusions.

For example –the population of the United States is over 300 million and we have had 18 reported cases of the Zika virus, literally .0000057% of the total population has been affected. YET the media has many convinced that you shouldn’t even go outdoors as you might get this virus and DIE. Yet they tell us NOTHING about the dangers of covering our bodies in poisons like DEET which affect far more people daily!

I can tell you what has changed since all of the Zika virus scare – our beautiful, glorious firefly population. It went from plentiful before they sprayed our neighborhood to nearly non-existent. If it is killing off our fireflies, what else is this mosquito spraying killing? Spraying for mosquitos is also making those beautiful outdoor organic gardens not so organic.

What you don’t know, can hurt you and if you believed the old adage that says the opposite, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”, than I am sorry to be the barer of bad news and let you know that this is just one more thing that we have to unlearn. The more I learn about everything, the more I am compelled to learn and the more determined I am to do my small part in bringing awareness to those ready to wake up to what life is meant to be.

Whole Organic Foods no more poisonous pesticides, no more torturing the animals we feed on, no more listening to mainstream fear mongering media, for a start. We do have a choice let’s take back our power & tune into independent media. 

Namaste Y’all, 
Kathryn Marie Krieger

Have you ever whined about not having something only to have it be delivered or show up right as you’d forgotten about it, in essence - let go of the need to control the when & then it arrived? When I am extremely hungry and out to eat, I will distract myself with some task until the food arrives, thereby letting go of my attachment and desire to control the when my food arrives.

For the parents out there, are you more likely to be prompt in preparing the food for your kids, when they politely ask for it or when they are banging their forks on the table chanting bring me food! For those of you who have worked in the food service industry I am sure you are aware that the more impatient the customer the more challenging it is to give them prompt courteous service.

So in essence by complaining we make the lack of what we want our fault. YES, even a statement like “I am so hungry I could chew my arm off” or “and make it snappy” are complaints. Something better would be “I am excited to taste the amazing dish I ordered.”

Why is this? Complaints are not a high vibe! Complaints are a drain on our energy, so it tends to make it more difficult for the things we desire to arrive. Whether it is food, a promotion, a relationship a particular milestone for your kid or anything else – ANY complaint about the timing or lack of what you want pushes that same something away.

Quantum physics suggests that time is an illusion. So we can bring about whatever we want as soon as that reality is possible within our minds, as soon as we are in vibrational harmony with that thing. So if we are wanting something positive (a high vibration) – complaining isn’t a high vibration so it inhibits the delivery of what we want.

Impatience drives our goals further and further away. If we are running a marathon, turn the corner and think “oh no, there is still so far to go” then we add a lot more weight to the distance left to be run. Whereas if we turn the corner and keep going, focusing on each stride, each breath -we will get there faster and with less strain. The best thing we can do today is to begin knowing that that thing that we want is ours. Never complain about lack, instead be thankful for having.

Have you ever had someone tell you that you were being really negative when you didn’t think you were? I know I have! It irritates me, but it also lets me know that it is time for a self-check. We live so much of our lives on auto-pilot, we are all so consumed with career or family or other distracting obligations that we don’t always realize when we aren’t being positive.

I hear a lot of my clients say things like, “what is wrong with me” or “I am so stupid”. Unfortunately when you are looking for something to be wrong or seeing ourselves as stupid or anything less than what we desire – we are inviting more of what we claim to not want right back in. Ridiculing ourselves is still a form of complaint and it only breeds more to be unhappy about.

Since I had my son, I have been wanting to shed the last 20 pounds of excess body fat, he’s almost 2. I’ve worked out, cut out sugar, cut out dairy and now even gluten all this and I now had 25 pounds to lose to get to my target weight. The whole time I was doing this I was thinking “I am chubby” or “I don’t like the way I look” or even “I am just not comfortable at this weight”.

It wasn’t until I realized that I was complaining that I was able to turn it all around. Anytime I started to think about myself, my appearance or my weight I began a new mantra – “I AM Fit Sexy Mom!” After only 2 weeks of saying this, I was pleased to see that I was firming up my muscles and starting to notice a difference in my waistline. The difference was not happening when I stepped on the scale, but I was still getting closer & closer to being the fit sexy mom I know I am.

All we can do is take the next step, what is the next small step we can take today to get to where we want to be? What is going to be challenging, maybe a little scary and fun? How can we change what we are saying to ourselves to be in harmony with what we want to bring about in our lives? What is there that we can do today which is going to help us believe that we are one step closer to our goal, I guarantee you – it’s not making a complaint.

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Complaining – it’s all our fault! Choices, it all comes down to choices. We can choose to complain or choose to look for the good. When we choose to complain we increase the overall intensity of the vibration of what we are complaining about. Typically we are complaining about things that are not what we want.

Consider that every time we have the desire to complain that this is a most exciting opportunity. This notification tells us that something in our life is out of vibration harmony with our true selves, which means we have made or are about to make a choice, whether conscious or not, which is not the choice which best satisfies us.

Shortly after my first child came I found myself choosing to sacrifice my exercise & yoga time to allow my husband and child to sleep longer. I told myself at the time that I was doing what was best for my family even though the choice just felt wrong to me. In fact I felt like complaining about the choice the first time I made it. Hello! Wake up call! Within a couple of weeks I was pretty miserable to live with and I was getting resentful. I was mad at my husband for needing sleep and mad at my son for not sleeping through the night, you get the idea.

I found that once I decided to start choosing what felt right to me, getting up and going to the gym, that my desire to complain went away. When we are in alignment with ourselves, Spirit, the Divine, God, etc. we do not feel the need nor the desire to complain. We only complain when we are making choices which are not in alignment with Spirit.

This makes sense for situations concerning others too, although this is a much harder concept to embody. First comes understanding, then being able to walk in alignment with that new wisdom.

For example a girlfriend of mine called and complained to me about her husband. What choice would make me feel good? To pass on the complaint to my husband or other girlfriends, to tell her how I agreed and join in with her in the complaining? Would it be best to tell her I didn’t see the validity in her complaint as complaining is all our fault? :) None of the above. The only choice that feels good is to listen attentively and pass no judgement.

Challenge: The next time you feel the urge to complain, stop, find some stillness and seek the opportunity to make a better more harmonizing choice. 

Complaining, it’s all our fault! How can that be? It may not feel like it is our fault, after all that negativity we picked up from our waiter at the diner or from a cashier having a bad day – it certainly did not originate with us!

Let me ask you this, are you familiar with the concept that we are all one? That we are all little pieces of God, the Divine, Spirit or Source? That we all have a connection to the same thread of Universal Consciousness within us? If you are and you believe in this idea than how can anything not be our fault since any individualism is nothing more than illusion?

I’m not saying let’s start blaming ourselves or getting lost in guilt. On the contrary I am saying let’s take back our power by taking responsibility for everything, especially those things that by casual observance would not be seen as something we instigated.

For example, if we have a grumpy cashier – take responsibility for it! Ask them about their day, see the light that is inside them and shine your light and love upon them. Do a little Ho’Oponopono and allow whatever their reaction is to be. Do not allow their reaction to sway you, even if it is positive. We can be steady like the oak tree – unaffected by the wind or the changing of the seasons.

Choosing to realize when we are not feeling good means garnering awareness of when we are out of alignment with peace & no longer in line with spirit or who we are. This misalignment is often the result of a choice we are making unknowingly. For example, if we choose to pay attention to when our spirit feels less than ideal, (like when we unwittingly pick up negativity from someone else), we can break away from that, re-frame it – take responsibility and come from a place of gratitude. We can even take it a step further & thank our feelings and our self-awareness for the less than desirable emotion which helped us to stop the cyclone of negativity.

Spiritually it is important to always stay in a place of gratitude, to keep our energetic vibration frequency as high as possible. As connected beings we are all able to raise or lower the energetic vibration frequency of the world around us. Let the change begin with “The Man in the Mirror” as Michael Jackson once sang, after all it is the only person with whom we have any control.

My husband and I were recently on a road trip to Houston, he was kind enough to drive so I could relax and prepare for work. About the time we reached the outskirts around 10 PM on a weeknight, the complaints about other drivers started flooding in. I was annoyed, complaining doesn’t fix it – all it does is draw more negativity to it!

As the trip progressed he continued to comment on how awful the driving was and spent a lot of our car conversation on the comparison between Bad Dallas drivers and Bad Houston drivers – apparently Houston drivers still won as better drivers since they would let him over when he had on his turn signal.

A day and half into the trip I wanted to call someone and complain about his complaining – didn’t he see that it was causing more stress? Which is when the light bulb went off for me. If I called someone to complain then I was doing the same thing. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

When we experience something undesirable it is more than likely an opportunity to take a look inside and see what has brought about this circumstance. We can use the frustration we feel about things as a sort of mirror with which to asses and correct things within ourselves that are less than what we wish ourselves to be.

For me in this situation I realized that I wasn’t saying the most positive things, it does not matter if his negativity kicked it off, if we picked it up at a restaurant or if I myself had started it – the cycle could end with me.

I knew that in order to stop this cycle I needed to shift to a place of gratitude. So I looked at what I had to be thankful for. I was in fact very thankful that he is such an aware driver which makes me feel very comfortable when he is driving. I am also very thankful that he is willing & able to drive me on these road trips. Every time I started getting frustrated with a complaint I thanked him again for driving or commented on how aware he was and how I was always able to relax when he was driving.

So how is it all our fault? Well, that much information won’t fit here. Next time you consider complaining about something just remember to shift yourself into a place of gratitude. It may not be easy, but it is worth the effort.