Have you ever had someone tell you that you were being really negative when you didn’t think you were? I know I have! It irritates me, but it also lets me know that it is time for a self-check. We live so much of our lives on auto-pilot, we are all so consumed with career or family or other distracting obligations that we don’t always realize when we aren’t being positive.

I hear a lot of my clients say things like, “what is wrong with me” or “I am so stupid”. Unfortunately when you are looking for something to be wrong or seeing ourselves as stupid or anything less than what we desire – we are inviting more of what we claim to not want right back in. Ridiculing ourselves is still a form of complaint and it only breeds more to be unhappy about.

Since I had my son, I have been wanting to shed the last 20 pounds of excess body fat, he’s almost 2. I’ve worked out, cut out sugar, cut out dairy and now even gluten all this and I now had 25 pounds to lose to get to my target weight. The whole time I was doing this I was thinking “I am chubby” or “I don’t like the way I look” or even “I am just not comfortable at this weight”.

It wasn’t until I realized that I was complaining that I was able to turn it all around. Anytime I started to think about myself, my appearance or my weight I began a new mantra – “I AM Fit Sexy Mom!” After only 2 weeks of saying this, I was pleased to see that I was firming up my muscles and starting to notice a difference in my waistline. The difference was not happening when I stepped on the scale, but I was still getting closer & closer to being the fit sexy mom I know I am.

All we can do is take the next step, what is the next small step we can take today to get to where we want to be? What is going to be challenging, maybe a little scary and fun? How can we change what we are saying to ourselves to be in harmony with what we want to bring about in our lives? What is there that we can do today which is going to help us believe that we are one step closer to our goal, I guarantee you – it’s not making a complaint.

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