Complaining, it’s all our fault! How can that be? It may not feel like it is our fault, after all that negativity we picked up from our waiter at the diner or from a cashier having a bad day – it certainly did not originate with us!

Let me ask you this, are you familiar with the concept that we are all one? That we are all little pieces of God, the Divine, Spirit or Source? That we all have a connection to the same thread of Universal Consciousness within us? If you are and you believe in this idea than how can anything not be our fault since any individualism is nothing more than illusion?

I’m not saying let’s start blaming ourselves or getting lost in guilt. On the contrary I am saying let’s take back our power by taking responsibility for everything, especially those things that by casual observance would not be seen as something we instigated.

For example, if we have a grumpy cashier – take responsibility for it! Ask them about their day, see the light that is inside them and shine your light and love upon them. Do a little Ho’Oponopono and allow whatever their reaction is to be. Do not allow their reaction to sway you, even if it is positive. We can be steady like the oak tree – unaffected by the wind or the changing of the seasons.

Choosing to realize when we are not feeling good means garnering awareness of when we are out of alignment with peace & no longer in line with spirit or who we are. This misalignment is often the result of a choice we are making unknowingly. For example, if we choose to pay attention to when our spirit feels less than ideal, (like when we unwittingly pick up negativity from someone else), we can break away from that, re-frame it – take responsibility and come from a place of gratitude. We can even take it a step further & thank our feelings and our self-awareness for the less than desirable emotion which helped us to stop the cyclone of negativity.

Spiritually it is important to always stay in a place of gratitude, to keep our energetic vibration frequency as high as possible. As connected beings we are all able to raise or lower the energetic vibration frequency of the world around us. Let the change begin with “The Man in the Mirror” as Michael Jackson once sang, after all it is the only person with whom we have any control.



02/15/2017 11:09pm

I don't think everything is all our fault. Sometimes, there are very unlikely regulations. Just like the immigration ban of Trump. Don't say that you're supporting that move of Trump. It's weird to include the innocents that instead of giving them care and attention, they have been rejected in our country.


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