Have you ever whined about not having something only to have it be delivered or show up right as you’d forgotten about it, in essence - let go of the need to control the when & then it arrived? When I am extremely hungry and out to eat, I will distract myself with some task until the food arrives, thereby letting go of my attachment and desire to control the when my food arrives.

For the parents out there, are you more likely to be prompt in preparing the food for your kids, when they politely ask for it or when they are banging their forks on the table chanting bring me food! For those of you who have worked in the food service industry I am sure you are aware that the more impatient the customer the more challenging it is to give them prompt courteous service.

So in essence by complaining we make the lack of what we want our fault. YES, even a statement like “I am so hungry I could chew my arm off” or “and make it snappy” are complaints. Something better would be “I am excited to taste the amazing dish I ordered.”

Why is this? Complaints are not a high vibe! Complaints are a drain on our energy, so it tends to make it more difficult for the things we desire to arrive. Whether it is food, a promotion, a relationship a particular milestone for your kid or anything else – ANY complaint about the timing or lack of what you want pushes that same something away.

Quantum physics suggests that time is an illusion. So we can bring about whatever we want as soon as that reality is possible within our minds, as soon as we are in vibrational harmony with that thing. So if we are wanting something positive (a high vibration) – complaining isn’t a high vibration so it inhibits the delivery of what we want.

Impatience drives our goals further and further away. If we are running a marathon, turn the corner and think “oh no, there is still so far to go” then we add a lot more weight to the distance left to be run. Whereas if we turn the corner and keep going, focusing on each stride, each breath -we will get there faster and with less strain. The best thing we can do today is to begin knowing that that thing that we want is ours. Never complain about lack, instead be thankful for having.



12/21/2016 6:38pm

I can quite relate to that but I have learned that sometimes you have to erase all the negativity to let positive vibes surrounds you. It's hard to do that because we are humans. And humans are both north and south poles. We have our good and bad days. Sometimes we are happy then all of a sudden we will be sad. The thing is, it really depends on us if we want to live a happy life or a life full of bad vibes.

02/21/2017 12:15am

Time is really an illusion! But we can't forget about it! All our life is separated by time limits!

07/06/2017 11:34pm

I'm trying to be thankful everyday! I love the life I live!

09/04/2017 2:34am

It's better not to think how far is it to go. Just move, run!


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