Week Two



Sunday June 19th
Nada :( Took an unintentional Rest day. . .. 
Monday June 20th - Ab, Arm and Thigh Challenge Continued
35 sit ups
35 crunches
22 scissors
20 leg lifts
20 fire hydrants
12 dips
12 plie squats
12 lateral lunges
45 curls with 3 lbs
Tuesday June 21st - Took another unintentional rest day. I couldn't sleep Monday night, so I overslept Tuesday morning and was falling asleep before I got home Tuesday night. So, I decided to re-examine how I was approaching my exercise. I decided that instead, I would make the cardio my *must do* daily and that I will continue with the Ab challenge this month. I have decided that taking on Ab, Arm and Thigh is just too much right now in light of everything else going on. The cardio is what most elevates my mood and keeps me motivated - so I will make that the top priority. 
Wednesday June 22nd - 
30 minutes interval training cardio on elliptical
40 sit ups
40 crunches
25 leg lifts
45 second plank
15 push ups
Thursday June 23rd - 
Woke up with a bad headache which lasted until 1:30 and didn't have time for the gym before 5-9 gig. . . hopefully I will go after gig. . . 



12/12/2016 4:19am

Wow. This workout must be effective in getting rid of those those ab, arm and thigh flab. Like you, I want those parts of my body to be strong, toned and beautiful so I think I'll be doing this challenge. It is quite amazing because you're doing it without lifting dumbbells. I'll ask my friends to join me on this challenge. I'm so excited. Thanks for sharing this. I hope you'll write soon!

01/05/2017 8:28am

My abs will be absolutely perfect after this challenge. That's why I want to try it.

02/01/2017 4:42pm

Last month, I've decided to lose some calories because I weighed beyond my ideal. I started checking out routines that will help me sweat a lot. At first, I felt disappointed because I can't see any improvement. But as I continue doing my workout, it feels light to me. And when I see your posts, I got an idea to modify my workout by blending in this abs challenge. I feel excited to try this at home. I hope this will help me a lot!

03/25/2017 5:33pm

I came to this blog and it helped me to add few new points to my knowledge. Thank you.


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