So, I've upped my water and am feeling way more energetic. I am again waking every morning before my alarm, which is especially awesome considering I haven't been going to bed early and I've been setting my alarm earlier and earlier. 

Last night I had 32 ounces of water right before dinner, this really curbed my appetite, which was awesome. I also got to the gym yesterday and did 40 minutes low intensity on the elliptical, not including the 5 minute cool down. I also got a chance to catch up on some reading. :) 

Today I started with the gym after my protein shake and graphotherapy exercises which I did at the park to get some natural vitamin D. Today I did 40 minutes high intensity interval on the elliptical. I think I am going to try a step class, maybe next week. I also did 2 wall sits of 25 seconds each. 

I am feeling better and am determined to stay active! I am also going to continue with the massive water intake and eating more and more healthy fruits and veggies, staying away from all processed foods, dairy, wheat and my oh so precious mayo. 

I am a sexy fit mom!! 


10/06/2016 7:06pm

Good for you then! I am also having my water diet this week. We are supposed to perform on our concert at school this Friday and water would really help a lot with our voices. Whenever it is concert week, some singers tend to have unusual bad colds and cough before the concert and all we tell them is just drink a lot of water. Water is the healthiest drink there is and I am really thankful!

05/17/2017 5:14pm

That's a great news! I know that it's so hard to let go of our favorite foods and I know that we can't stay away to them for so long, but we have to endure it. I'm also taking water therapy. I always makes sure that I will consume eight glasses of water on one day. At first, I never tracked the number of glass that I drink but then I came up with like a schedule. This schedule is written so I'l know when I should drink my water. That way, it will be more easy for you to know the number of glasses you already had for the day.

02/10/2017 5:33am

I am so happy for you! Can you give me some tips how to be fit?

03/03/2017 2:52am

It's good to be fit and beautiful mom. It's a hard work, I know that!

03/25/2017 4:52pm

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