Drank about 24 ounces of water right before dinner last night. I think this is really going to cut down on my overall consumption. I am waking earlier and I have decided to delay taking the trial packet of plexus slim for life that a good friend of mine sent. The more whole foods I eat and the less dairy, wheat, mayo and processed anything I take in - the better I feel. I began listening to A Mind of your Own: The Truth about depression and how women can heal their bodies and reclaim their lives while on the elliptical this morning and am already in love with it! She also says that her clients find weight management EASY!! Whoo-hoo, loving to hear that! 


11/04/2016 10:51pm

Without food we can not live but too much food is not good for health. Diet plans and exercise is important for man and woman. This blog is also telling about exercise and i am really impressed by this blog.

02/09/2017 6:12pm

Health is wealth as they said. I have learned that drinking water is important. If you lack water, there are some parts of your joint will hurt much especially on the knee part. Water helps lubricate some parts of our body, including bones. Life is too short, so, love yourself and eat healthy foods. Diet plans and exercise is a good way to have a healthy lifestyle. Although at some point I have a cheat day. LOL.


Wow, that’s two tall glasses of water. I do that too. To be honest, my water consumption in a day is about 3 pitcher or more. I try to drink more and consume less. I think it works effectively on me. I haven’t tried any supplements or weight loss pills because I worry about its side effects. It’s good for you to delay that pill.

I am happy that you are really concern about your health and taking ways on how to improve your lifestyle. True enough, we should drink water because it's very beneficial and would keep our body hydrated. It's also good that you decided to lessen your intake of carbohydrates, I want you to know it helps a lot! I hope you continue that lifestyle you started and soon succeed!

08/01/2017 2:23am

I'm happy to hear that too! Amazing results! Keep going!


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