I choose to be open to receiving the highest vibrational answer that is accurate and true. I am between belief and knowing. There are moments when I am fully in the knowing and others where fear and guilt creep up when I am not diligent about my thoughts and direction and worry begins. Most of the time, once I notice that I am not feeling good, I am able to re-frame and make a higher choice. There are a couple of areas that still plague me, where the old fear of punishment pings in my mind and I have to be very diligent in my re-framing.

I know now that life loves me. I believe that, most of the time, I know it. I now know that I LOVE life. I know that working less does not make me lazy, in fact, working less means doing more of the things I enjoy, travel, hiking, spending large quantities of time with my family, home improvement projects, taking self-development classes, more time at the gym and preparing healthy meals – well pretty much anything but being lazy.

I know now that so long as I stay open to receiving all that life has to offer me, so long as I reserve judgement about my own worthiness, so long as I realize that there is no punishment for not doing things the way others claim this life should be lived, that life will fully support me. Thank you To Michael Singer and Paramahansa Yogananda for those insights. 

I know now that by getting up in the morning and talking to myself in the mirror about how much life loves me and putting on my best face for the day that I will have a great day. Thank you Louise Hay & Robert Holden as well as Jason Augustus Newcomb for those life changing revelations.  I know that when I don’t get exercise that I am not in alignment with my own desires and am not being loving towards myself. I know that I still remind myself to open my heart, to let love in. I know that choosing to drink enough water is still the most self-honoring choice. I know that I can work on whatever I feel inspired to work on and that having several concurrent unfinished projects is not a mark of failure. I know that when I am avoiding something – that I need to tackle it. I understand that when I am avoiding that somewhere there is a fear of either punishment, unworthiness or that life’s love for me is conditional. I also know that I can face these fears and free myself from them. I know that when I face my fears – even when the worst seems probable or even like it is already happening – that life is magical and all I really need to do is open the door to that love and be willing to receive. 

I know now what my dream life looks like. In my dream life, I rarely work. If I am focused on something, it is something I love and am passionate about. I know that it is okay to simply spend the day exploring the nature preserve with my family instead of being holed up in my office working on some project. I know that I do not have to do any marketing that I don’t want to do to be successful. I know that all I must do is put the best energetic vibration out there that I am capable of and that new business will always be coming my way via word of mouth, the marketing I have already done or some unseen way, but that no matter what – if I follow my inspirations I will find the treasures that I seek. In my dream life I help people. I am a speaker, edutainer and performer. I am creative and get to do fun creative projects, I get to garden, sew, meditate, teach yoga, explore metaphysics and all other subjects that interest me. I have an amazing husband and child, we live together in nearly perfect harmony. I am grateful everyday for the life that I have, how magical it is and how blessed we are. I know that life fully supports me in living my highest and best dream for myself and that even if that meant never working another day, that so long as that was my calling that life would fully support me in that endeavor.

Wait wait wait  - so long as that was your calling? ? ? ? Splain lucy. . .

Okay- so if you aren’t in alignment with your calling – (YES we ALL have a calling) then you are not cohesively loving yourself. If you are not loving yourself than that is how you are asking the universe to treat you too. To be fully open to receiving the highest and best that life offers, we must be willing to do that which we most want to do! If we are unwilling to do that which we most want to do, we are not willing to let others (including life) love us either. Does that help?

I don’t know what the result of my calling is – but what I do know is enough. I know that at the end of the day, my life is all about spiritual concepts. I know that my calling involves exposing others to their ability to live life in alignment with their calling and helping to evolve consciousness to where the age of abundance can truly begin. I know that when I write even though it is currently merely a self-published (and mostly unread) blog, that this is a part of my calling and that I am opening the gateways for great and magical things to happen in my life. So I know that never working another day wouldn’t be my calling. I LOVE what I do, I LOVE writing, I love speaking, I adore edutaining. . . .

You don’t have to have a clear picture of the end result. For me in the beginning that needing to have a clear picture really sent me into a tailspin. All you need to know is how does it feel, can you tell what any small part of it looks like? What do you know that will be different when you are living your ideal life?

Here’s what I knew, I knew I wanted my own business, from about age 18, I knew I wanted to build my own legacy, not someone else’s familial estate. I knew I wanted to travel for work and pleasure. I knew I wanted to be able to take beautiful weather days off. I knew that I wanted life to be magical, mystical and that I wanted there to be more to reality than what I had been taught was real as a child. I knew that I wanted to be a lifelong learner, I knew that I wanted a true partner whom I could share my curiosities and idiosyncrasies with.  Someone with whom there was passion and good communication. I knew I wanted to spend my life with someone who shared in my desires and added a few of their own to the mix. I knew I wanted a tidy, unique household. I knew I wanted to help large groups of people and be a dynamic public speaker. I knew that when I reached my goal that I would not worry about health, wealth or even death. I knew that living my dream would mean that life felt like a relaxing vacation. I also knew that I wanted to be able to have sex in the middle of the afternoon and that is true of my life too. All of these small details give you an idea of what a life will look like, but they certainly leave a lot to the imagination. I had no idea what I would be speaking about, I only knew I wanted to motivate and inspire people. Funny isn’t it that the first person I had to motivate and inspire was myself. :) 

It has been a while, since I posted a blog and what a change there has been. 

The most amazing magic is that life will support you in doing that which you choose. Simply choose it completely. Allow your thoughts to be of high ambition, joyous vibration & only that which is appealing &/or desirable to you. Any diversions of thought from that which you truly desire confuses both the message and the results. 

Think of it like this - you are driving down the highway, the road blissfully free from traffic as your are pursuing a destination that is unique to you. You know where you are going, if you take your eyes off the path, start looking at where others are or where they are going, what they are doing - your car may swerve, you may miss your exit (your target) and then you may not reach your goal. When you miss your exit - you have to realign your focus, bring your attention back to the desired result and keep your focus there in order to get there. 

While I was pregnant I had an insight. This particular insight was a challenge for me to swallow. My insight forced me as the 'breadwinner' in my marriage to acknowledge that truthfully I wanted someone to take care of me. I want to pursue my passions and have someone else pay my bills. This desire was something I was unaware of prior to this but it had always been there. While I wanted someone else to take care of the bills so I could pursue my passions I didn't want to be needy, lazy, poor, helpless, etc. The list of potential guilts for living life unencumbered by financial pressures was long. The second part of this insight was that I had faith that life was willing to take care of me. 

I believed that life was willing to take care of me, but it wasn't yet my day to day reality. I didn't yet know how to walk that walk, so the struggle persisted. I don't say struggle in a pessimistic tone, on the contrary, the transformation of my thought pattern has been a tremendous part of my journey. I have enjoyed all the learning, the process, and while it is integral in my becoming even more myself in the grander scheme - this is all just a beautiful wonderful dream. 

The trick is knowing and understanding what you want and knowing that it is in your best interest to be true to that desire. IT IS OKAY TO WANT WHAT YOU WANT!

For years I believed that wanting to 'work' as little as possible and make as much $$ as possible doing that made me greedy, lazy and well kind of a loser. After reading Life Loves You by Louise Hay and Robert Holden, I took another look at myself, without judgement. When I stopped judging myself, I realized how much life loves me & how much value my dream actually adds to the world! There isn't any reason to feel guilty for living the dream that suits us best. In fact, not living our dream (AKA our calling or purpose) actually adds to the mass hypnosis and enslavement which is the antithesis of our highest and best good. 

When God (if you will) created life, do you believe that he wanted us all to be slaves to the almighty $? Do you think that he wanted children to have more memories of day care than of time with their parents? For adults to have more memories of work and hardship than of pursuing their passion and interests? NO!! 

I know that we, ALL of US, come into this life with a purpose, a calling. I know that if we choose to follow this calling that we live in a magical world and if we fall victim to the machine that we are in our own personal version of hell. I know that we were created to follow that calling to experience our own magical version of heaven on earth. 

Any time I am feeling good, I know I am in alignment with my calling. I know that if I am stressed that I am out of alignment with truth and that course adjustments need to be made. I know that life really is that simple - does it feel right? YES, then do it. Does what you are thinking or feeling bring you down, cause you stress, worry or anxiety? If yes to this question, then examine what untruth you are telling yourself. Dr. Wayne Dyer calls these excuses in his amazing book "Excuses Begone".    

There are levels in getting to where life is magical. There is thinking - I think I am supposed to follow my bliss. There is faith or believing - It appears that life is supporting me in following my bliss or I believe that I am supposed to answer my calling and there is KNOWING. I know that I will achieve my goal, I feel it in my soul.

Knowing is where things get intensely magical. Once you reach knowing, it is not that fears or worries never pop up. Instead you see them for what they are, distractions, excuses and most of all - untruths. These worries are there to side track you from the life you really want. They are not reality, they do not hold any real power over you except for the power that you give them. The only meaning they have is in the journey that is this dream we call life. 

Now that I have crossed from belief into knowing - my life is different. I know now that life loves me, even the me that is determined to work less than 20 hours a week & luxuriously support my family. Life loves the me that screws up, the me that gets stressed & forgets to connect to my passion & can even take some of the biggest blessings for granted. I now know that there isn't any punishment to fear for there will be no punishment, (Thank you Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi). I know that as long as I love myself and life and am opening to receiving the best that life has to offer me that life continues to be truly magical. 

There are still old habitual thoughts that spring up once and a while, like;
     "Oh, Mom might be upset if"
     "Kiddo will make a mess with" or "will break that .."
     "This is so annoying"
     "But will I be able to"
     "Do I have enough..."
     "So and So always. . . "
     "What if..."

The more I pay attention, the easier it is to stop the worries in their tracks and to choose a higher thought. I choose thoughts which align with my highest and best imaginative ideas for what I want this beautiful dream to be. Choose the higher thought! 

Living this way, with your heart open you have more energy. You are no longer in resistance to that which is best for you in your own life. It is difficult to imagine how much good we have denied ourselves simply because we have felt unworthy, undeserving or closed to receiving. When you choose to live your calling you're literally raising your vibration & energy, truly allowing the best that life offers to come to you. 

Living in this way allows you to re-frame the things that once since your mood swirling are now opportunities to realign your energy & especially your THOUGHTS with your happiest thoughts. This replaces the old stress and opens the door to receiving that which you most desire. 

QUESTION: Can you elaborate more on the stages; 1. thinking 2. belief or faith 3. knowing. How do I know where I am? 

ANSWER: If you are in the thinking stage, where you are mulling it over – is this idea true? What happens if I choose to believe this? What if ...? If you are more frequently engaged with the neurotic monkey playing out multiple what if situations, you are in the thinking stage. Knowing you are stuck in the thinking stage is the best way to get out of it. 

When in the believing stage, you find yourself questioning the different worries that arise and presenting yourself with the newer higher thoughts. The new thoughts may still feel a little uncomfortable, but you may still believe they are true. Once you reach belief you will start noticing how life has supported you into getting to the point you are at now., and you can also start to figure out why where you are is the perfect place for you to be right now. 

Listening to your intuition will become a part of your daily practice as you continue to grow in faith. Your intuition becomes easier to hear and designates your obvious choice. For example: a lot of people believe (or even know) that it doesn’t help to worry – but they don’t walk their belief. Instead they worry anyway often because ‘it is hard not too’. I postulate that life is FAR more Difficult when we choose to worry. When we choose not to live in accordance with our belief, we send a mixed energetic message so we get a mixed energetic answer.

However, when you believe that there is no point in worrying and you catch yourself in the act of worrying or what 'if'ing something you NOW have the choice to let it go. Simply say a little prayer and let it go, then you are living in alignment with your beliefs and sending a cohesive energetic message. Once you start sending the cohesive message you start getting clearer and clearer feedback and you start to move on to knowing. The evidence that life will support you in all your thoughts, even your subconscious ones will start piling up and tuning in and listening becomes the new habit.

This listening and seeing each disturbance in your good feelings as an opportunity to fine tune the results you are creating thus becomes a tuning fork for which you are most grateful. 

Once you reach knowing you know you are safe. In knowing you simply listen, tune in and act when you feel inspired to. When you have reached knowing you are closer to being aware of your true limitless worthiness. When you reach knowing, you begin to truly be the creator of your path, your destiny and you give yourself permission to live the life of your dreams. When you reach knowing, you know that life loves you, you know that nothing bad can really happen to you. Thank you Neale Donald Walsch in Conversations with God. Knowing means understanding that perception is not reality, you are not your body and this really isn't anything more or less than a beautiful dream. Knowing blesses you with the knowledge that living our dream is the highest and best thing that we can do for every other person on the planet. 

Mystic K


A Friend of mine in my 200 hour RYT and I were talking, she asked if I had ever listened to Bentinho Massaro on Youtube to which I replied no. . . .she sent me several links to different videos on youtube by him. I am floored. On one of his videos - A simple Way to Raise your Frequency and Vibration - he talks about an exercise to accelerate your consciousness. I am only 25% of the way into this exercise, it really does raise your vibration, fast. In the last 30 minutes I have gone from feeling good to elated. Seriously, give this a try! 
I have never had more evidence that the law of attraction is real than I witness day to day in my life right now. I've wanted to develop a prosperity mindset for YEARS now and I have gone through phases where that was easy and phases where that wasn't so easy. Right now seems to be one of the latter, but I am more determined than ever! 

What is this evidence I speak of? Well, I will give you a few examples. It has been a dream of mine to own a home, a dream that I have been working on for over 5 years. . .. I have cultivated the belief that owning a home is hard and nurtured it for as long as I can remember. I remember learning when my parents told me they put down $40K on the home my mother now lives in and thinking how in the world will I ever have that kind of $$?? ? 5 years ago I was about to put an offer on a cute 2 bedroom condo with an office, with zero down payment loan when they said I no longer qualified because I had made more money 2 years ago than I had made the previous year. Bummer. This time around, the market is exploding, we have people moving here in droves and I am hearing realtors all around me talk about the housing shortage, seeing homes that were going for $150K 5 years ago are now valued at $300K and often getting cash offers. 

When my hubby and I contact the mortgage broker this time, I just wanted to get an updated picture of where we were. When she came back with the highest note yet, I was excited. We started looking and found a couple of cute places immediately. However, one obstacle after another keeps popping up. 

First off, I have always seen summer as my 'lean' months. I am not sure where this belief began only that it is one I have fallen victim to in the past. I have also had trouble believing that I will get a house, somewhere along the way, I convinced myself that it was a pipe dream. Funny, living my ideal life, traveling around inspiring people building a living and life, that never seemed like a pipe dream to me, but a simple thing like home ownership was? 

I have become increasingly more aware of  my thoughts and it seems as though I am getting daily evidence and feedback as to what they are and how it is affecting my life. 

In Conversations with God, it talks about how the universe doesn't change our order - it is the most exact order taker there is! If we say 'I want this or that' then it answers with us wanting it. The only way to bring something into our life is to know that this thing is truly ours. We do this by feeling it. 

When I decided that I wanted to have a healthy relationship in my life - I set out knowing that I was smart enough, pretty enough and all the other things that I wanted someone else to be in a relationship and that due to this, I would find a 'perfect' fit. I had zero doubts and whalla - I found myself what I call a pretty nearly 'perfect' fit. I only say pretty nearly because I have have a different definition of the term perfect than most. 

So, if I want financial prosperity and that is what I am thinking, thinking about wanting - than I will continue to want. Instead I have to shift to I HAVE financial prosperity - I HAVE ENOUGH $$ to pay everything in FULL. The practical question that holds so many of us back - how do we make this shift when something isn't paid - when we see the red notices arriving in the mail. What are we supposed to do then, how can we have a mindset of I am financially prosperous when we have to deal with the daily barrage of inadequacy flying in our faces? 

GOOD QUESTION! Simple, you say "hmm, opps, I must have not ordered things correctly, or put the money into the right account. THIS is FIXABLE! Even if your electric, internet or phone service gets cut off - focus on the turning it back on. Imagine how good you will feel, when it is back on! Think about everything being paid in full. Think about how you will laugh at your once perceived financial inadequacies. Start laughing and saying thank you so much God, Universe, Divine Spirit, whatever for bringing me into a place where I ALWAYS have ENOUGH! Thank you for ALWAYS bringing $$ to me whenever there is something I wish to express appreciation for. Every time you do pay a bill, think of it as an expression of appreciation for the service or product you just received. If you receive a surprise bill or expense say 'wow I am glad I am rich enough to appreciate this!' 

The idea of not paying bills but instead "expressing appreciation for products and services" comes from Busting Loose from the Money Game. Another great idea - think of having a spending plan - NOT a budget. It helps you to feel psychologically wealthier. 

Another thing I used to do that sabotaged my wealth was not checking my checking account on a regular basis. I would get so concerned that there would not be enough money at the end of the month, that I would avoid checking my account. It took my brilliant husband to point out to me that this was the ultimate way to perpetrate lack. I was thinking that if I had enough faith, that the money would just magically appear. Now I don't dismiss that theory - I have many ways that I have created for money to seemingly effortlessly appear in my accounts, but I was avoiding checking out of fear. Therefore what I was met with over and over again - were overdraft fees & insufficient funds. He says that when you have money in your account - you want to make sure you know where it is going! Well maybe and maybe not - but still, my action of not checking my account was done to avoid fear and stress. I was giving away my power and allowing my fear to dictate my circumstances. 

NO more. I have daily alerts about my account balances now & guess what - my account balances continue to rise. I am financially responsible, I have that prosperity mindset and I am watching the whole financial landscape of my life become more and more abundant right before my very eyes. I can do it. I am doing it!! People love to work with me and I have AMAZING clients! I see myself buying a home, with no worries about whether I will be able to make my monthly mortgage payments. I see myself having that financial cushion. I see myself being so financially wealthy that I can move my family where ever we choose to live. I see myself expressing appreciation for the services rendered for natural and holistic chiropractic care, supplements, foods, services as well as fun and exciting things to do. 

If the last paragraph is unbelievable for you in your situation right now - try something small. Something like looking at your phone bill and saying, I am so thankful that I can afford that! Start with anything, a package of gum, the food you are eating - even if the only way that you are able to eat is to go to a family members home - be thankful for that wealth! 

If you were counting on some funds to cover something and they fall through - simply look at it as the opportunity for something bigger and better to come into your life where that was supposed to be. This can be challenging, but if you hold up your beliefs long enough, they will start holding you up! Keep in mind though that holding onto to anything too tightly doesn't help you - Instead - meditate on what it feels like for different things - to always have the money you need for different things, tires, oil changes, diapers, food, birthday gifts, rent, etc. Meditate on being thankful for these things, but then let them pass through your consciousness. Implant the feeling of gratitude and abundance every time any expense or request for appreciation is brought to your attention. I am grateful to have enough money to rent the truck to move my furniture out of my office. I am thankful that I have enough to get another storage until. I am grateful that I am able to be generous with my family on their birthdays. It feels amazing to be able to be generous with those I love, I am so thankful to be able to get my car registration. I am so grateful for my car. 

If you need help with this, PLEASE feel free to email me! I would love to help bring you along on our journey to a million. :)