The move



So I am closing my office. This isn't exactly the way I had wanted things to go, my idea was that we find and buy a house, get moved in and then I relocate to a retail office where I could get foot traffic. . . . but hey - one step at a time. Especially since the hubby and I are getting more and more convinced that we may not want to stay in Texas. . . 

This may be why we haven't been able to get into a home. I have always wanted to relocate - if for no other reason than to have done it and had that life experience, plus the hubby is not happy here. I am DETERMINED to get my car wrapped and bring in more business. I am determined to keep going with my social media marketing and more. I can't wait to have everything, including next years taxes and my student loan paid in FULL! 

Then we can look at a house. I am going to do my best each time I have a less than abundant thought to continue blasting it out with abundant ones. I am believing that putting more effort into my residual income business is paying off and that my current business will continue to sustain me. 

I just know that I am going to have a wrapped car. I am so excited about it. I can literally see my car wrapped. It will be fun driving around the kiss mobile! Hahahahahaha LOVE it! Talk about some great social media tags! I think it is the #1 best thing I could do for branding my kiss reading business right now. 

I just had a great private reading. I think I am going to do some trade with this gal - she is a trainer and I believe that I would do really well with a trainer. . . . Okay, well, I think I am going to take a load home. I am hungry and I am sure that my hubby needs time to get some stuff done. 



An Eco-friendly moving company uses all sorts of recyclable material for a green move. Not all moving companies are aware of the global warming threat.


Congratulations on having your new home. I am sure you are very happy upon knowing that at last, you are now able to move. I am looking forward to more of your updates about this activity. I hope you will be really satisfied in your new home. Give us some pictures as well. I will be happy to see it.


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