A Friend of mine in my 200 hour RYT and I were talking, she asked if I had ever listened to Bentinho Massaro on Youtube to which I replied no. . . .she sent me several links to different videos on youtube by him. I am floored. On one of his videos - A simple Way to Raise your Frequency and Vibration - he talks about an exercise to accelerate your consciousness. I am only 25% of the way into this exercise, it really does raise your vibration, fast. In the last 30 minutes I have gone from feeling good to elated. Seriously, give this a try! 


03/24/2017 1:37pm

All creation of God ad human is best creation of God. We are spend our time with our needs but we have no time for worship of God. It is not good for us and try to remember in all time.


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