It has been a while, since I posted a blog and what a change there has been. 

The most amazing magic is that life will support you in doing that which you choose. Simply choose it completely. Allow your thoughts to be of high ambition, joyous vibration & only that which is appealing &/or desirable to you. Any diversions of thought from that which you truly desire confuses both the message and the results. 

Think of it like this - you are driving down the highway, the road blissfully free from traffic as your are pursuing a destination that is unique to you. You know where you are going, if you take your eyes off the path, start looking at where others are or where they are going, what they are doing - your car may swerve, you may miss your exit (your target) and then you may not reach your goal. When you miss your exit - you have to realign your focus, bring your attention back to the desired result and keep your focus there in order to get there. 

While I was pregnant I had an insight. This particular insight was a challenge for me to swallow. My insight forced me as the 'breadwinner' in my marriage to acknowledge that truthfully I wanted someone to take care of me. I want to pursue my passions and have someone else pay my bills. This desire was something I was unaware of prior to this but it had always been there. While I wanted someone else to take care of the bills so I could pursue my passions I didn't want to be needy, lazy, poor, helpless, etc. The list of potential guilts for living life unencumbered by financial pressures was long. The second part of this insight was that I had faith that life was willing to take care of me. 

I believed that life was willing to take care of me, but it wasn't yet my day to day reality. I didn't yet know how to walk that walk, so the struggle persisted. I don't say struggle in a pessimistic tone, on the contrary, the transformation of my thought pattern has been a tremendous part of my journey. I have enjoyed all the learning, the process, and while it is integral in my becoming even more myself in the grander scheme - this is all just a beautiful wonderful dream. 

The trick is knowing and understanding what you want and knowing that it is in your best interest to be true to that desire. IT IS OKAY TO WANT WHAT YOU WANT!

For years I believed that wanting to 'work' as little as possible and make as much $$ as possible doing that made me greedy, lazy and well kind of a loser. After reading Life Loves You by Louise Hay and Robert Holden, I took another look at myself, without judgement. When I stopped judging myself, I realized how much life loves me & how much value my dream actually adds to the world! There isn't any reason to feel guilty for living the dream that suits us best. In fact, not living our dream (AKA our calling or purpose) actually adds to the mass hypnosis and enslavement which is the antithesis of our highest and best good. 

When God (if you will) created life, do you believe that he wanted us all to be slaves to the almighty $? Do you think that he wanted children to have more memories of day care than of time with their parents? For adults to have more memories of work and hardship than of pursuing their passion and interests? NO!! 

I know that we, ALL of US, come into this life with a purpose, a calling. I know that if we choose to follow this calling that we live in a magical world and if we fall victim to the machine that we are in our own personal version of hell. I know that we were created to follow that calling to experience our own magical version of heaven on earth. 

Any time I am feeling good, I know I am in alignment with my calling. I know that if I am stressed that I am out of alignment with truth and that course adjustments need to be made. I know that life really is that simple - does it feel right? YES, then do it. Does what you are thinking or feeling bring you down, cause you stress, worry or anxiety? If yes to this question, then examine what untruth you are telling yourself. Dr. Wayne Dyer calls these excuses in his amazing book "Excuses Begone".    

There are levels in getting to where life is magical. There is thinking - I think I am supposed to follow my bliss. There is faith or believing - It appears that life is supporting me in following my bliss or I believe that I am supposed to answer my calling and there is KNOWING. I know that I will achieve my goal, I feel it in my soul.

Knowing is where things get intensely magical. Once you reach knowing, it is not that fears or worries never pop up. Instead you see them for what they are, distractions, excuses and most of all - untruths. These worries are there to side track you from the life you really want. They are not reality, they do not hold any real power over you except for the power that you give them. The only meaning they have is in the journey that is this dream we call life. 

Now that I have crossed from belief into knowing - my life is different. I know now that life loves me, even the me that is determined to work less than 20 hours a week & luxuriously support my family. Life loves the me that screws up, the me that gets stressed & forgets to connect to my passion & can even take some of the biggest blessings for granted. I now know that there isn't any punishment to fear for there will be no punishment, (Thank you Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi). I know that as long as I love myself and life and am opening to receiving the best that life has to offer me that life continues to be truly magical. 

There are still old habitual thoughts that spring up once and a while, like;
     "Oh, Mom might be upset if"
     "Kiddo will make a mess with" or "will break that .."
     "This is so annoying"
     "But will I be able to"
     "Do I have enough..."
     "So and So always. . . "
     "What if..."

The more I pay attention, the easier it is to stop the worries in their tracks and to choose a higher thought. I choose thoughts which align with my highest and best imaginative ideas for what I want this beautiful dream to be. Choose the higher thought! 

Living this way, with your heart open you have more energy. You are no longer in resistance to that which is best for you in your own life. It is difficult to imagine how much good we have denied ourselves simply because we have felt unworthy, undeserving or closed to receiving. When you choose to live your calling you're literally raising your vibration & energy, truly allowing the best that life offers to come to you. 

Living in this way allows you to re-frame the things that once since your mood swirling are now opportunities to realign your energy & especially your THOUGHTS with your happiest thoughts. This replaces the old stress and opens the door to receiving that which you most desire. 

QUESTION: Can you elaborate more on the stages; 1. thinking 2. belief or faith 3. knowing. How do I know where I am? 

ANSWER: If you are in the thinking stage, where you are mulling it over – is this idea true? What happens if I choose to believe this? What if ...? If you are more frequently engaged with the neurotic monkey playing out multiple what if situations, you are in the thinking stage. Knowing you are stuck in the thinking stage is the best way to get out of it. 

When in the believing stage, you find yourself questioning the different worries that arise and presenting yourself with the newer higher thoughts. The new thoughts may still feel a little uncomfortable, but you may still believe they are true. Once you reach belief you will start noticing how life has supported you into getting to the point you are at now., and you can also start to figure out why where you are is the perfect place for you to be right now. 

Listening to your intuition will become a part of your daily practice as you continue to grow in faith. Your intuition becomes easier to hear and designates your obvious choice. For example: a lot of people believe (or even know) that it doesn’t help to worry – but they don’t walk their belief. Instead they worry anyway often because ‘it is hard not too’. I postulate that life is FAR more Difficult when we choose to worry. When we choose not to live in accordance with our belief, we send a mixed energetic message so we get a mixed energetic answer.

However, when you believe that there is no point in worrying and you catch yourself in the act of worrying or what 'if'ing something you NOW have the choice to let it go. Simply say a little prayer and let it go, then you are living in alignment with your beliefs and sending a cohesive energetic message. Once you start sending the cohesive message you start getting clearer and clearer feedback and you start to move on to knowing. The evidence that life will support you in all your thoughts, even your subconscious ones will start piling up and tuning in and listening becomes the new habit.

This listening and seeing each disturbance in your good feelings as an opportunity to fine tune the results you are creating thus becomes a tuning fork for which you are most grateful. 

Once you reach knowing you know you are safe. In knowing you simply listen, tune in and act when you feel inspired to. When you have reached knowing you are closer to being aware of your true limitless worthiness. When you reach knowing, you begin to truly be the creator of your path, your destiny and you give yourself permission to live the life of your dreams. When you reach knowing, you know that life loves you, you know that nothing bad can really happen to you. Thank you Neale Donald Walsch in Conversations with God. Knowing means understanding that perception is not reality, you are not your body and this really isn't anything more or less than a beautiful dream. Knowing blesses you with the knowledge that living our dream is the highest and best thing that we can do for every other person on the planet. 

Mystic K




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