It's a wonder how we go from day to day, doing things for everyone but ourselves. Even something as essential as getting to the gym to increase our well being gets pushed to the side, leaving us feeling depleted, more stressed and frankly - less available to truly LIVE. 

I find that a lot of my clients (and myself) aren't always aware that we are not honoring that which matters most to us. Listening to our internal voice can be something as simple as saying 'no' to a project we don't care to do instead of volunteering ourselves out of some false sense of obligation or it can be as challenging as knowing which voice to identify with - the one saying "go to bed so you are rested tomorrow" or the one saying "just one more episode before bed".  

We all deserve to love ourselves, but most of us have forgotten how. We are taught to put ourselves last and to be busy, even though being busy doesn't necessarily mean being productive, or bringing value to the world. 

I've decided to make 2017 the year that this changes for me. This year, I want to start and end each day reminding myself to honor my personal truth so that this will become my new habit. If this resonates with you at all, please share this email and join me at one or more of the upcoming public events in 2017. I hope that we can continue to bless each other and usher in this new year with LOVE and Spiritual Evolution. 

Mystic Kathryn