Friday night has become family gym night. I did the elliptical and over an hour of juggling with my hubby. 
Went to the gym, did the elliptical, started some free weights for my arms, but my son was ready to go! 
Drank about 24 ounces of water right before dinner last night. I think this is really going to cut down on my overall consumption. I am waking earlier and I have decided to delay taking the trial packet of plexus slim for life that a good friend of mine sent. The more whole foods I eat and the less dairy, wheat, mayo and processed anything I take in - the better I feel. I began listening to A Mind of your Own: The Truth about depression and how women can heal their bodies and reclaim their lives while on the elliptical this morning and am already in love with it! She also says that her clients find weight management EASY!! Whoo-hoo, loving to hear that! 
So, I've upped my water and am feeling way more energetic. I am again waking every morning before my alarm, which is especially awesome considering I haven't been going to bed early and I've been setting my alarm earlier and earlier. 

Last night I had 32 ounces of water right before dinner, this really curbed my appetite, which was awesome. I also got to the gym yesterday and did 40 minutes low intensity on the elliptical, not including the 5 minute cool down. I also got a chance to catch up on some reading. :) 

Today I started with the gym after my protein shake and graphotherapy exercises which I did at the park to get some natural vitamin D. Today I did 40 minutes high intensity interval on the elliptical. I think I am going to try a step class, maybe next week. I also did 2 wall sits of 25 seconds each. 

I am feeling better and am determined to stay active! I am also going to continue with the massive water intake and eating more and more healthy fruits and veggies, staying away from all processed foods, dairy, wheat and my oh so precious mayo. 

I am a sexy fit mom!! 
I got frustrated again and gave up. Oh I went a few more days than what is recorded here, but my exercise routine since my last post has been almost non-existent. 

What has changed since my last post - I have finished breast feeding and started doing a cleanse. Several years ago I did this cleanse kit ( and had GREAT results. I did the whole no gluten, tons of water, no dairy, nothing processed diet with it and within 2 days felt like a million bucks! I had way more energy, my skin felt amazing and even though I was having 4 or 5 bowel movements a day, they were down-right pleasant and I almost didn't need any toilet paper. 

This time I tried this kit  ( and am not nearly as pleased. I am still gluten free and rarely if ever do I eat processed foods- so that wasn't an issue, but I did eat dairy the first day and I do not care for the lemon supplement drink in this kit. I was not seeing any results or even differences until I really upped my water, eliminated the dairy, eggs, mayo and the lemon drink at night. Now, 7 days into it I am starting to see some results. . . mind you this is only a 10 day cleanse and I screwed up by having dairy on the first day. 

Next quarter I will try this kit ( as it is organic and doesn't come with the supplement drink, but tablets instead. 

At any rate, I am finally seeing my arms starting to clear up a little and my overall bloating minimizing. I am taking additional probiotics, of course the turmeric my hubby pills for us, Garcinia Cambogia, D3/K2 drops & iDo Med's Neu Silver. 

I must admit, having to give up my 2 favorite things, Cheese and Mayo really irks me, but I also really want to have clear skin on my arms, so heck I will steer clear of all that for at least the next 45 days to see what results come. The before pics of my right arm are included here. :( 

Today I have done 15 squats and 15 leg raises. Not much, but hey, it is better than nothing. 
Tuesday June 28th - 
I have totally fallen off the wagon. between a couple of massive dehydration headaches, going to see my sister and some long work hours, I did not make any of my goals  - since darn, well week 1! I will say this though, I do have some new enthusiasm, I have have weaned my son, which means that I can begin taking supplements to help me detoxify my body which should help aid in my weight loss. 

I am not going to do any of those really extreme supplements where you don't know what is in it. I am going to get a cleanse kit and do the diet that goes along with it and after that begin a plexis slim for life program. Today I hope to get in 30 laps at the gym, and I hope to get to bed early enough tonight that I get up in the morning before my hubby and son and get to the gym. These are my goals, for the next day. :) 

Week Two



Sunday June 19th
Nada :( Took an unintentional Rest day. . .. 
Monday June 20th - Ab, Arm and Thigh Challenge Continued
35 sit ups
35 crunches
22 scissors
20 leg lifts
20 fire hydrants
12 dips
12 plie squats
12 lateral lunges
45 curls with 3 lbs
Tuesday June 21st - Took another unintentional rest day. I couldn't sleep Monday night, so I overslept Tuesday morning and was falling asleep before I got home Tuesday night. So, I decided to re-examine how I was approaching my exercise. I decided that instead, I would make the cardio my *must do* daily and that I will continue with the Ab challenge this month. I have decided that taking on Ab, Arm and Thigh is just too much right now in light of everything else going on. The cardio is what most elevates my mood and keeps me motivated - so I will make that the top priority. 
Wednesday June 22nd - 
30 minutes interval training cardio on elliptical
40 sit ups
40 crunches
25 leg lifts
45 second plank
15 push ups
Thursday June 23rd - 
Woke up with a bad headache which lasted until 1:30 and didn't have time for the gym before 5-9 gig. . . hopefully I will go after gig. . . 


Week ONE



Monday 6/13/16
45 minutes high resistance cardio on a elliptical machine
60 push-ups in 3 sets of 20 broken up throughout the day
60 squats in sets of 15 broken up throughout the day
1+ mile after dinner walk around my neighborhood
Tuesday 6/14/16
1 hour yoga in the morning
Wednesday 6/15/16
61 push-ups in 3 sets broken up throughout the day
20 sit-ups x 2
20 second plank x2
20 crunches x 2
10 leg lifts x 2
40 minutes cardio
Thursday 6/16/16
25 sit ups
25 crunches
12 leg lifts
20 second plank
Friday 6/17/16
15 push ups x 2
30 second plank
40 second plank x 2
30 sit ups x 2
30 crunches x 2
15 leg lifts x 2
20 push ups
Saturday 6/18/16 Began Thigh and Arm Challenge - First Rest day from Ab Challenge - Back to it tomorrow. 
20 push ups x 2
40 curls with 3 lbs x 2
25 seconds punches each arm x 2
10 dips x 2
10 lateral lunges x 2
10 plie squats x 2
20 scissors x 2
12 fire hydrants
15 fire hydrants